Here is a small portion of Mona's Story... A life of neglect, abuse and addictions left Mona near death in October of 2010. She had contracted Hepatitis C from IV drug use when she was fourteen years old and her liver and kidneys completely failed. What happened between October of 2010 and January 1st of 2011 cannot be explained, not even from the medical community! She was six hours from death when God decided to show His great and mighty works in, not only hers, but the lives of countless others including family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. It was then that Mona knew her true calling--her purpose for living, and she continues to live her life for the glory of God and share His love with all that cross her path. 

She is currently writing her memoir in her upcoming book, "Show Me The Way" and is available for Speaking (and occasionally, singing) engagements. She has recorded two CD's; one entitled "Miracles" and the other with her son, Christopher, called "Devotion" by The Giordano's.  

She resides in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband, Peter who has always been her biggest cheerleader. Pictured here just before her transplant...  Click play on the video below to watch a short but powerful video.

If you are interested in having Mona as a speaker at your event or conference, contact her through the Contact Form on this site.