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A little about the Coaching and Counseling that I do: 

I have  been a Pastoral Counselor for over 10 years. I  have devoted so much of my time to counseling, praying for women and as an encourager, that I decided to expand my education to get Certified as a Professional Christian Life Coach so I could hang out my shingle and take people that are now in a place of wholeness to the next step in their journey of discovering their God-appointed purpose in life.  As a Certified Life & Business Coach, I will be able  to walk alongside you  as you map out your journey to living the life that God created you to live. Not everybody needs a counselor, but everybody needs a Life Coach! 

Within 7 months of opening my practice, I couldn't help but notice that what women were continually seeking my advice and expertise on was in starting up a business and/or ministry and how to use social media marketing. My brick and mortar store has been open and successful for more than 30 years now and people have taken notice of that success and gravitate to me for information on how to open and run a business, so I have tweaked my title to niche' down and concentrate on what I am more known for, A Social Media 101 Coach, specializing in business. 

No matter if you are brand new at contemplating the idea of starting a business (or ministry), or have been in business for awhile and want to bring your marketing up-to-date to incorporate today's social savvy ways, I can help and would love the opportunity to discuss your dreams and ideas with you!! 

My office is located inside The Direct Connection in Holiday  at 2632 US Highway 19, Holiday, Florida, 34691.  You can call me at (727) 457-3755 to set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if I  am the best fit for you at this stage of your life journey. Life Coaching can also be done by email, phone and ZOOM if you are not local to the Tampa Bay area of Florida. 

SOCIAL MEDIA 101 COACHING: $50 per hour private, $25 per hour if you have a group of 4 or more. All Social Media Coaching is done face to face at my office inside The Direct Connection, in Holiday, Florida.

Life Coaching and/or Pastoral Counseling can be done via Email if you have scheduling issues or budgeting concerns. Email coaching may be a great option for you if you are not local as well. 

If you have  a smart phone, it’s like having your personal Life Coach on 24/7/365 standby! Here  are some of the exciting advantages to email coaching:

*  Up to 2 emails per week
*  Personal response within 24 hours
*  Email when it’s convenient for you. No scheduling or appointments
*  You can save your emails and re-read them anytime for reference and inspiration
Gives you more time  to think and ponder
*  It may feel more comfortable to express yourself by writing than in person

Our first email is  FREE.  Contact:  Mona@CoachMonaG.com

Email Coaching Investment:

Week $25,     Month $90,     2 Months $150     3 Months $240  ( Weekly sessions are more intended for Assessments and similar tools. Most "Life Purpose" and Business coaching would be best served with a 3-month minimum and is best done face-to-face or via Zoom )

While email coaching works best for some, others prefer the One-to-One Sessions format. In the  One-to-One Coaching Investment you will have the full benefit of meeting in person, face to face, or via Zoom online, either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. This package also includes Email accountability, and you would also be able to enjoy the benefit of speaking to me via phone or Zoom if you are not able to meet in person.                                                          

One-to-One Session appointments are always SCHEDULED appointments. 

One-to-One Session Coaching Investment Plan:

Each 60-minute session, with Email or Text Accountability is $75

Pay Monthly and received 4 60-minute sessions at the reduced rate  of  $250

*  Up to 2 Emails or texts per week
*  Personal response within 24 hours

The first 30 minute Session is FREE. We always want to make sure that I am the best fit as a "Coach" for you. There may be instances where you might benefit from a different type of coach, such as a Relationship Coach,  Recovery Coach, or Executive Coach, etc.   In which case I would be more than happy to refer you to an associate that I would recommend without reservation.   Coaching is about RESULTS! We will always have your best interest in mind.   


Once A Month Investment:

1 60-minute session, Email or Text Accountability

$75 Per Month

*  1  email or text message per week (up to 4 per month)
*  Personal response within 24 hours

This plan is designed for those who are on the path to success already and desire the accountability of keeping focus, balance and growth in their life.  This is not the best option for someone who is new in their journey to discovering their God-appointed purpose, but rather for those who have been through the beginning sessions and want to be held accountable in continued growth and forward motion. 


My Office is located within The Direct Connection, 2632 US Highway 19, Holiday, Florida 34691.






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