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WOW Women Network Presents: Marketing to Millennials with Colton Heath

  • The Direct Connection 2632 U.S. 19 Holiday, FL, 34691 United States (map)

WOW Women Network is proud to present a dynamic and amazing speaker, COLTON HEATH! It's back-to-school time and we are very blessed and honored to be able to hear from Colton before he heads back to college. His topic: Marketing to Millennials!

Colton is an amazing young man with a bright, bright future in front of him and he has agreed to come and share some profound wisdom with us on this all important subject matter. One that we cannot afford to NOT pay attention to!

Did you know that by the year 2020, 50% of the Marketplace will be the 18-34 year olds, dubbed as the "millennial generation or Gen Y"? Furthermore, by 2025, this generation will make up 75% of the Workforce!! We cannot sit idly by and not learn how to locate, communicate with, serve and embrace this generation. To do so, may just be the demise of our businesses as we know them.

We live in a different culture than before, and it's rapidly changing still. Like it or not, the lifestyles, values, buying trends and the ways that shopping for products AND services transpires is quickly converting to nearly all online. Even the multi-billion dollar brick and mortars are closing many of their locations and evolving more to online presence. It's here. It's now. 

You will learn the stagering statistics of the facts and you will gain some extremely beneficial knowledge on how to start making adjustments NOW, where to find your "young customers" of the present and future and how to win them over and "close the deal" on your product or service. 

This has been tugging on my heart for years now. When I dug my feet in the sand and refused to get tech-savvy. To learn how to utlitlize online presence to sell and gain visibility and the know-like-trust factor. I relied on my youngest son to do all of that for me...and then hew grew up and left home! 

The typed-out letter, newspaper ad, tv/radio spot age is gone. Today, if you are not a car dealership or insurance company, or a major corporation, those tactics are beyond reach in cost and mediocre results at best. It's time to get with the program! 


The WOW Women NETWORK meets every 2nd Thursday of the Month at The Direct Connection Women's CoWorking Space. 

There are NO ANNUAL FEES and we simply charge a $5 Space Fee to cover the private venue, coffee & tea. We are also able to offer you a great benefit of being able to come and hour early and stay and hour later to get your one to ones done! Take your networking to the next level and schedule those meetings now! That's where the magic happens in building you sales team in the community!! 

Feel free to bring your own lunch OR visit the Food Truck, Kytos Pastelitos, on site. Dominican Republic food at it's best!!

PLEASE PARK AT THE GERMAN RESTAURANT (South end of parking lot) for the consideration of our neighbors =) Earn an extra raffle ticket for doing so!! 

Remember to set up your one to ones NOW for this months meeting. This is truly where the magic of networking happens. 

Feel free to call (727) 491-8146 if you have any questions. Oh... feel free to bring other business women and share this event. ♥