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WOW Women Presents: MakeScents Perfume Making Class

WOW Women Ministries is so happy to host this exciting, NEW perfume-making class by Jennifer Woodley Kannapel of Keturah Botanicals!

Oils of the Bible, had, and still have, such significance that God, Himself, gave the mandate for which botanicals would be used in blending the oils and instructed that these were to be the work of a perfumer (Exodus 30).

These botanical oils were sacred and vital to God and His people. In Nehemiah 3:8 you can see where it was the perfumers guild that were building the wall! Did you know that the perfumer and the apothecary, were one and the same? WOW! The oils we are blending contain No petrochemicals, No parabens & NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES which are common allergen ingredients found in most perfume products. VEGAN Friendly & Gluten Free.

This class promises to be, not only fun, but enlightening for all the women who attend. You will be be learning the basics of perfumery using essential oils and botanicals to create your own custom perfume!

Bring a friend and enjoy the evening experiencing a unique journey! We are offering special pricing for Mother/Daughters (over 12, please) looking to create a special experience together like no other! NOTE* Please contact Jennifer or Mona personally at the below numbers to purchase the special Mother/Daughter pricing.

The class size is restricted so please sign up now to secure you place.
Tickets must be purchased no later than 10 hours prior to event unless you call for availability.

THIS CLASS IS ALSO BEING OFFERED ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 21ST AT 10AM if the Friday evening class fills up or works better for your schedule!

For more details -…

Contact Jennifer Kannapel 425-444-2279 or
Mona Giordano at (727) 491-8146 for further information