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WOW Women Ministries First Annual Conference: "Seasons of a Woman"

WOW Women Ministries is proud to announce the First Annual WOW Women Conference, "Seasons of a Woman" to be held on Saturday, October 15th from 9AM to 4PM at the New Life Purpose Center in Holiday!

As Women of the Most High God, we are called to wear many hats and speak from many platforms as we navigate the Seasons of our lives. 

In our childhood we are led by the adults in our lives, good or bad, they make the choices for us. Our belief system is formed in these years by the models that are in front of us. Parents, Caretakers, Teachers and Church Leaders teach us what we are to believe, do, and be. 

When we enter our youth age years (12-17ish) we begin to have to make those choices, good and bad, on our own and these choices affect the rest of our lives. These years are critical in defining the paths we will follow for the rest of our lives and often times circumstances and situations beyond our control leave us feeling destined for doom.

And then comes adulthood. The career, marriage and childbearing years. Full of challenges and yet more choices that now go far beyond effecting just us, but now the lives of others that are depending on us to be the trusted, responsible ones for them! Many women are juggling marriage, children, careers and ministry involvement to the point of chaos and busyness that leaves them feeling empty, overwhelmed and hopeless.

Then a new season arrives... the kids are grown and perhaps have left the home (or are back again) and now at a time when you feel like it's time for "you" just a little bit, you may find that you're now having to raise your grandchildren or have become the primary caretaker for aged parents! It seems like you're back at the beginning, but this time you are faced with the reality that you're "no spring chicken" and what used to be hard is harder still...

And then comes the "final season" of life. You have now become your aged parents and the life you had hoped would be filled with world travel and retirement bliss may have turned into yet another, even harder challenge...survival on a limited income with a whole plethora of health challenges to live with. 

In every season, there are trials and temptations that you will face, but the Good News is you have a Savior who will never let you go through any of those challenges alone. A Savior who loves you beyond your comprehension, understands , has compassion and can take each one of those "tests" and turn them into a powerful "testimony" that will bring glory and honor to Himself and peace, passion and purpose to YOU...right where you are in your current season.

As women, we are social creatures and we have an inherent need for each other in "sisterhood and friendship" We need each others's laughter, encouragement and even accountability. We were created that way and this conference is designed, by God, to connect you with like-minded women who are either in the season you are, have been or will be. 

There will be a light continental-style breakfast for you when you arrive, anointed worship and speakers and shopping with some of your favorite vendors, including Inspirational Bling! Food trucks will be on the property for lunch on your own and we have made this an event that every woman can afford, with tickets being only $10 in advance! (This way you can bless yourself and our vendors with the money you save!!) 

Prayerfully consider putting this on your calendar now. This promises to be an event that you will long be talking about as you look forward to the next one!! 

If you have any questions or are interested in being a Vendor or being involved in this conference, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

Love and Blessings!

Mona Giordano and Kristi Richard ♥